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8 Reasons reasons to join the EMS and become an Emergency Medical Technician

8 Reasons reasons to join the EMS and become an Emergency Medical Technician

There are many reasons to join the EMS and become an Emergency Medical Technician. We are going to focus on 8 reasons why you should join the EMS and become an Emergency Medical Technician. Before we get onto that, we are first going to look at what an Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) is, and what the EMS is all about:

What is the EMS?

The EMS is also known as the Emergency Medical Services, or EMS, for short. The Emergency Medical Services is an emergency service which treats people in times of an emergency. 

These emergencies are like accidents, which the Emergency Medical Services will attend to. They work as an ambulance service. They can work in many types of events and situations too, such as sports events or on oil rigs – their service goes beyond that of a normal ambulance service.

There are many careers in the Emergency Medical Services, but we are going to focus on the EMT, so what exactly is an EMT.

What is an EMT?

An EMT works for the Emergency Medical Services. Their role is to work with patients who need emergency medical care. There are many benefits to being an EMT, which we are going to look at, starting with number one – helping people.

#1 Helping People

One of the best reasons to join the Emergency Medical Services, is that you get to help people. You can literally be a lifesaver. This can be a rewarding job, especially when you save people.

You will be the first person (along with your colleagues) who is on the scene in case of some one who is in an emergency. This means that you job becomes vital to saving people; without people in this role, those in an emergency wouldn't have people to take them to hospital and attend to them on the scene of an emergency – your role working in this career is very vital.

#2 Insurance 

While on this job, you will have the benefit of having several insurances. You will have medical insurances and dental insurances, which gives you the benefit of your medical care and your dental care being covered, if you ever need to use medical services or dental services.

You will also have the insurance of getting eye care insurance. Which means, any time that you need to go to the Optician, you will be covered for your eye care with this insurance.

These insurances will give you coverage of any medical emergencies which may arise.

#3 Life Insurance

Another great benefit of working in the Emergency Medical Services, is that you get free life insurance. So above getting medical, dental and eye insurance, you will get life insurance.

This type of insurance can help you in many ways, such as helping you if ever you have a disability. The insurance will cover and help you out, if ever you are in the situation where you have a disability.

#4 Paid Time Off

Unlike other jobs and careers, working with the Emergency Medical Services will give you paid time off. This will give you time to take time off for holidays and get paid for them.

Which means, working in this profession will mean that you can take time off, without having to save up for that time off, or worry about losing money from that time off.

#5 A Good Retirement

You will also be given a good retirement and a retirement plan for when you eventually retire from this line of work. This will give you a comfortable retirement, without having to worry about getting to that area of your life – you won't have to worry about getting no pension.

#6 A Stable And Reliable Career

One of the best things about working in this line of work, is that you will have a stable and reliable career. This means that you don't have to worry about job insecurity.

You can be assured of a stable and reliable career throughout your life.

#7 Get Free Education

When you train to be a paramedic, you will be reimbursed for your education. Essentially, you will not have to pay when you are training to become a paramedic. 

This means that you don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to earn your education. That means that you will not need to worry about getting into debt for this career.

#8 Free Paramedic Classes

You will also get free paramedic classes when you train in this career. This means that you will be trained and educated well when you are training to work with the Emergency Medical Services.


There are many benefits to becoming an Emergency Me. These benefits include career, lifestyle and educational benefits. It is a worthwhile career to peruse, for you and society.