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8 Reasons to Join the Newest Branch of US Military - The Space Force

8 Reasons to Join the Newest Branch of US Military - The Space Force

Over the years, the military forces are already using the benefits of space. In fact, the United States has 1,897 satellites. Next to it is China with 412 satellites, followed by Russia with 176 satellites in the rank. Keep on reading and learn more about how the USSF takes advantage of the benefits of space for the military.

US Space Force as the newest military branch 

Is the USSF still new to you? What are the things that we know and we do not know about the US Space Force? On December 20, 2019, the Air Force Department established the latest military branch. This military branch is the USSF or United States Space Force. The National Defense Authorization Act consolidated the use of this military force in 2020. The Air Force Secretary has given the power for the latest military branch. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Defense provides guidance and direction to USSF, too. 

The USSF one of the elite branches of military aims to protect the country and allied interests in space. To do this, they train, organize, and equip the space forces. With all these, it makes the USSF holds a wide range of responsibilities in the military force. One of these responsibilities is creating Space Force members, known as the Guardians. It is also responsible for attaining military space processes, developing military principles for space service, and assembling space forces. 

The importance of the US Space Force in the modern military

A typical radio communication only works in a short range. Using only this has a big possibility for the enemies to hack the communication system. That was how our mode of communication works in the early days. But as technology evolves, the modern military changes as well. From towers to satellites in space, the military can have direct communication with each other regardless of distance. It ensures to secure the exchange of critical information between the military departments. They also make certain that the system is difficult to intercept. Aside from that, with the USSF, they can avoid the enemies' attempts to sabotage or destroy the American military satellites. 

The USSF small constellation of satellites can see the actual happenings worldwide. With its cloud-penetrating radar feature, these actual events are still viewable even under the rain. Our modern military’s eyes in the sky make it easier to track the enemy’s location, watch their activities, or immediately raise the alarm when there is a suspected attack. The USSF will know whether they are carrying cruise missiles or GPS-guided weapons.


Reasons to join the US Space Force Military 

To be a part of space military defense plays a vital role in our modern Armed Forces, and cutting corners is unacceptable here. Individuals who want to be a part of the USSF military must prepare for the space force careers. They all have their own reason why they choose to serve the country instead of getting other high-paying jobs. Now allow me to let the cat out of the bag for the top 8 reasons people join the military:

  1. To protect the country’s liberty and freedom: Every citizen wants to keep the liberty and freedom of the country, but only a few have the courage to fight with the military defense. The space forces do not fight with guns and cannons, but it protects the country’s liberty and freedom by ensuring the security of its crucial information. Thanks to the technology that we have nowadays for making it possible.
  2. To give duty and honor to the country: Every little thing that an individual does for their country is an act of heroism. It is not requiring firearms to give honor to the country. The USSF guardians gave their duty and honor not by holding shooting irons but by leading the Air Force with technology, science, and aerospace to succeed in every battle.
  3. Help stop terrorism: As we all know, there are terrorist attempts everywhere. You must know the tragic 9/11 attack in the Twin Towers way back in 2001. The country can be safe from terrorist attacks with the help of an intelligent force such as the USSF. The USSF’s goal is to help the country meet peace and stop terrorism. We have soldiers who fight with armor and risk their lives. But we can also work with them to stop terrorism by becoming a part of the USSF. 
  4. Get a good-paying job: The amount of salary a space guardian could receive for working at the US Space Force varies depending on their current rank and the number of years in the service. But one thing is for sure, you can get more than a paycheck by serving the country with the USSF. You will get paid while you are under training and earn more soon as you serve.
  5. To improve yourself and learn new skills: Joining the USSF will let you gain new experience and develop new skills. Being one of the space guardians, you will learn things that are way different from your previous jobs. If you are up for better space knowledge and intelligence improvement, you are welcome to work in the USSF. Here, the sky is not the limit.
  6. Insurance Benefits: Indulge in the insurance benefits that you deserve upon serving the country through the USSF, under the Air Force. They offer world-class retirement, medical, and dental insurance plans for soldiers and their families. With these insurance benefits, they can enjoy excellent rates, comprehensive dental and medical care, and many others.
  7. Military Discounts: Our USSF Guardians also deserve military discounts in grocery stores and transportation. Not only that! They may also get the 100% tuition help program for education. Without the help of the military discount privilege, this will seem to cost an arm and a leg.
  8. Vacation and Leisure: The guardians have the privilege to take vacations with pay, which they can use for rest or travel. With this kind of privilege, they can relax and get a better atmosphere. Having this kind of benefit, the military force can attract the best talents.

Does the benefits and privileges of joining the USSF sound interesting to you? What if your purpose on this planet is not on this planet?