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Activities That Can Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

Activities That Can Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

           Adjusting for civilian life after retirement can be challenging for veterans. A new hobby is a perfect way to relax and to make their transition easy. 

         Finding happiness in daily life is important in order to feel good. Hobbies are not just a space-filler when there is nothing to do, they can enrich one's life and bring happiness and peace in difficult times. ... This is one factor that can affect transition. It is better to reduce stress as much as possible. 

         The best hobbies in the world are those that you can do alone or with others. Since veterans  might want to spend a serene time alone or maybe want to spend more time with their loved ones after years of being away from them because of their service they may be interested in a variety of hobbies. This period is a special time for them to focus on finding new ways to stay occupied during their transition. 


            According to the Army Times, fishing is a hobby that veterans often begin upon returning from duty. Being alone or with a loved one in calm waters can help relieve stress on the first try. in moments of great fear.  

          Catching a fish is also a rewarding experience, to be able to catch  and eat delicious food that veterans may not have experience while serving on the base.Many people enjoy being outside, especially those who love to sit near bodies of water enjoying the peacefulness and secluding them from the noise that they daily encounter. 

          PTSD symptoms can often  be triggered by noise that causes constant stress, and anxiety. It  can be beneficial for a transitioning veteran  to find a quiet moment away from the chaos and too much noise. 

        Fishing is not about the end of the game (unless it's a competition). The goal is to find peace and quiet in everything. There is also camaraderie when people go fishing together. Fishing trips in a cabin by the sea can also be fun and explore the great outdoors. Find out what works now and give it a try.

Hiking or camping

           One possibility to be away from it all is camping. It leads people into nature, but also offers other possibilities to be in the water. Exploring nature can be very exciting, especially if you will do it with your loved one.

         Hiking, hunting, camping can be a way to be with friends or family, and even go hiking on your own.Organize a camping trip with friends and see how they are doing. Adopting Mother Nature will help veterans stop thinking about their worries. Hiking in the desert once a week or camping every other weekend will encourage veterans to enjoy the simple aspects of life. It can only be very therapeutic for retired military personnel, but doing it with friends or family can also be beneficial, depending on your preferences.


           Veterans often face mental and physical problems. One way to solve this problem is to work with your hands. Carpentry, embroidery, and other crafts can become therapeutic. It makes your creative juices flow back again.  To create something like simple furniture, pottery or even a toy for your grandchildren can be very fulfilling  

               Glass blowing, pottery making, woodworks or carpentry  offers many opportunities to create beautiful works of art, learn new crafts, and connect with other people who enjoy working.


          Handicraft is one way to be creative, but art is another. Writing, photography, and coloring can be some of the ways people seek healing in order to express themselves. Poetry, reading, or storytelling are popular today because people share stories from their travels, journeys and experiences during their service. It is like sharing a part of themselves, and finding peace in helping others. Art therapy is a therapeutic experience and works to heal people by making targeted use of art as a medium for smooth transitioning.


          Even the simplest instrument, a hand drum, guitar, or flute,may be accessible to non-music veterans. Musical instruments are a way to participate in this type of musical experience. It's never too late to learn. The guitar, piano, and other instruments can be helpful in relieving stress and building confidence, providing an expressive outlet for veterans who have difficulty sharing their experiences or having a hobby. . 


           Being on the ground is good stress reliever. Emotional and physical challenges don't prevent people from diving in the ground and planting herbs or flowers. Soil therapy is underrated because it can be done without much work. They can often get the fruits of their labor from the food they grow. Knowing where food came from and that someone's hands helped produce it is often therapeutic, such as watching something positive grow amid the challenges recovery veterans face.