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How you can become a Marine

How you can become a Marine

Becoming a member of the Marine Corps

Have you ever wanted to become a Marine, but don't know where to start? Well, keep reading. You've come to the right place to learn how to become a Marine. 

A Marine is a very rewarding job. It is a job that is highly regarded in society. And therefore, it is also very rewarding. A job in the Marine's is very rewarding because it comes with many special privileges and benefits.

While in the Marine's you and your family will be looked after. You will receive the best health care and dental care for you and your family. Unlike many jobs, the Marine sets out to look after not just you, but also your family. You and your family will receive the best medical care and the best dental care.

There are other rewards to this career too. You will receive a good wage, free accommodation and a retirement plan. Not only will a career in the Marine's give you an excellent life, it will also set you up for your retirement. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your retirement.

Now that you know some of the benefits to becoming a Marine let's see how you can become a Marine.

Get fit and exercise

The most important element to becoming a Marine is to be mentally and physically prepared for it. You have to be healthy around, both mentally and physically. The first step to becoming a Marine is to get fit and exercise. In other words, prepare yourself for a life in the Marines.

Being part of the Marine Corps is highly demanding physically. If you are not physically fit, you will not be able to sustain a lifelong career in the Marines. Every six months while in the Marines, you will have to pass a fitness test known as the physical fitness test (PFT). You will have to pass this test by doing; push ups, three mile runs and crunches.

Therefore, a good way to become physically prepared for the Marines is to practice in these three areas. Practice pushups. Practice going on three-mile runs. And practice crunches. The more you practice in preparing your body for a life in the Marines, the better prepared you will be to enter that life.

Pick a career within the Marine Corps

There are many careers within the Marine Corps, not just one. To become a part of the Marines, you will have to know what type of job that you want to do.

There are many different types of careers within the Marines that you can choose from. These include everything from photography to infantry.

Go on a college course

Becoming qualified through a college course is a great way to enter the Marines. There are many college courses all over the country. There are different courses for different levels of education. Courses that suit school leavers. And courses which suit those who have a degree from university.

Going to a career counsellor is a good way to decide what is the best course for your career. They will also be able to tell you what sort of qualifications you need for your specific career.

Contact the Marines

Once you've visited a career counsellor, you will want to contact a recruitment officer at the Marines at By doing background work on what you want to do while in the Marines and what qualifications you need to get there, you give yourself an easier time while signing up.

They will give you out a recruitment forum and you will need to fill it out and post it back to them.

Go to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

MEPS will be the place that you will get medical tests and screenings done. Medical tests and screenings are a mandatory step to becoming a Marine. You will need to pass your medical tests to become a Marine. You will have to go through several tests, such as a drug test and a physical test.

These tests are to ensure that you are medically fit for a career in the Marines. There are MEP centres all over the country. Usually, MEP centres are placed in big cities. So, you will have to travel to your local city, if you live outside of a major city.

Take the ASVAB job test

The ASVAB is also known as the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, it is a test to see which jobs in the Marines you are most suited to.

You will be given the ASVAB test while you are at your MEP appointment. You will have to do some studying for this test. So, before you go to the test, make sure that you are prepared for it.

Boot Camp time

Once you have successfully completed your medical tests and pass them, it's time to go to boot camp.

Boot camp is essentially the place you will go to prepare and train for being a Marine. And serving as a Marine. There are two Marine training boot camps. One is near the Mississippi River and the other one is in Parris Islands. Men will either go to the Mississippi Rive camp or the Parris Islands camp. However, all female Marines will go to boot camp at the Parris Islands.

Boot camp will be your biggest test as an upcoming Marine. It can either make or break you. It is a 13-week training session which can be long, difficult and demanding. However, it will also be rewarding and worth it. You will receive the vital skills and training that you need to, to become a Marine Corp.

The Graduation

Last but not least, when you have successfully completed your 13-week boot camp training, you will graduate. You can proudly call yourself a Marine. Not many people get to this point, so you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride having successfully completed your Marine training.