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Important Tips for Military Spouses

Important Tips for Military Spouses

Being a military spouse has several different emotions running through it. On one hand, you feel proud of your spouse serving in the military, they have an excellent job and are serving their country. There isn't a better honor than to serve and protect your country.

On the other hand though, when your spouse is overseas, it can become very difficult. You are having to live without your spouse, perhaps for a few weeks, or a few months, maybe even longer than that. That can lead you to miss your spouse.

It can go so far as to make you feel lonely, or even depressed. So,  you want to try and combat that and avoid it. Perhaps you can't avoid it completely. However, you can help to significantly reduce those feelings and emotions.

We are going to show you here how you can do that and give you a few tips on how you can do that. So, let us get started with number one.

#1 Spend Time With Family And Friends

If your spouse is overseas serving in the military, then you should be spending time with other people that you love in your life, namely your family and friends. This can help you feel loved and appreciated, something that you need.

Try and nurture your other relationships as much as you can when your spouse is overseas serving in the military. If you do that, then you can feel better about life and feel better about yourself. It's a great way to combat loneliness and depression.

#2 Look After Yourself

If you cultivate your other relationships while your spouse is overseas serving in the military, then, you will be looking after yourself. Which is excellent and something that is more needed at this time - when you are alone without your spouse.

Looking after yourself is very important, and, something that you might refuse to do if you are missing your spouse. So, there are a few key things that you can do while you are missing your spouse. The first thing to keep in mind is, to make sure that you eat and sleep.

These two things are very important for your emotional/mental wellbeing. Doing these two things are key to looking after yourself, but, there are other things. Try and occupy your time. Go out. If you don't have a hobby, find one - it's great for your wellbeing and is something which is fun to do.

#3 Sort Out Your ID And Paperwork

While you are a new military spouse, there are several legalities that you will need to take care of. These things are essential for you to arrange, such as your ID and paperwork.

This is something that you should look into, it is advisable. See what paperwork that you need to change, update or renew as a new military spouse. For example, you should be changing things like ID cards. You will need to obtain a military ID.

A military ID is essential for a new military spouse, as you will need it for different things, such as registering your car. You will also need a military ID for lots of other things. If you want to claim military benefits or payments, then you are going to need a military ID. You cannot claim benefits or payments without it.

There are other reasons that you will need a military ID card. You will need a military ID card if you are going to visit your spouse at one of the military places. No access will be granted to you without this ID card. So, if you are wanting to visit your spouse, then, you are going to have to have one.

Apply for one from an ID office. If you don't have children yet, then this next step will not apply to you. However, if you have children with your spouse, then it will apply to you. That step is that you must also apply for an ID card for any children that you have, that's if you are taking your children with you to see their dad.

This might not be something that every mother wants to do, take their children to a military base. However, for those of you who do want to, then applying for ID cards for them is essential. Of course, you will be visiting your spouse in a safe and secure location, so, there is no need to worry.

#4 Register In DEERS

Now, you may not know what DEERS is, this is probably true for new military spouses, and less so for women who have been military spouses for years. Therefore, let's explain a bit about what DEERS is, and the how you can register in it.

DEERS is important to register as part of because it has so many benefits for military spouses. This includes health military benefits. To be covered and have health insurance, then you should register in DEERS as it will cover you in that way. It is a form of military health insurance.

It is a military health insurance system which is not only suitable for military spouses, it is also suitable for military spouses kids and other family members. As a family member of a military person, you will be covered by things such as DEERS. This is one of the many benefits that you obtain by being part of the military.

To register in DEERS, you will need to complete an application form and send it back to the

military. Once you have done this, and you are eligible for DEERS, then you will be protected with health care, so will any kids and family members that you have.

In conclusion, there are several things that you want to take into consideration as a military spouse. These things include things such as your wellbeing, nourishing other relationships, looking after yourself and making sure that you have the military ID that you need and are covered with health care.