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The World's Strongest Militaries

The World's Strongest Militaries

There are many strong militaries across the world. But, there isn't a military in the world that is as strong as the United States of America military. The military of the United States is the strongest in the world, despite cutbacks in recent years to military spending. However, the new president Donald Trump has expressed his willingness to increase military spending. The United States of America leads the world when it comes to military spending. The top country for military expenditure is the US.

This is followed by other countries such as; Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. Military expenditure does play an important part as to how strong or weak a countries military is. Ranking of the world's strongest militaries happens annually. In this article, we are going to look at the top ten strongest militaries in 2017.

Ten - Israel

Part of Israel's military strength is down to its allies. Many of Israel's allies are on this list. They have helped and continue to help Israel be one of the world's strongest armies. Israel has strong military supporters, such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This has helped Israel retain a strong military presence in the World. Israel also has a very well equipped military. It has an extensive army, such as drones, land carriers and weapons.

Nine - Turkey

Turkey's army has been put under some pressure in recent years, with the attempted military coup. And with it being involved in the Syrian conflict. However, this hasn't harmed Turkey's military. Despite the domestic and foreign challenges the Turkish army has faced, it is still one of the World's most powerful militaries. Turkey has a strong military build-up. Some of their militaries are currently operating in the Black Sea, with 200 ships and 1,000 aircraft currently in use in the area.

Eight - Germany

Given Germany's recent history, it's surprising that it's built itself back up to be a leading military power. Germany has gone through a lot, two world wars and being split into East Germany and West Germany hasn't held this country back from being a leading military power. Germany has a well-funded military, with $36 billion being spent on its military per year. This has helped Germany create a powerful army.

Seven - South Korea

South Korea, like its northern neighbour, North Korea, is one of the Worlds leading military powers. This is partly through its ally, the United States. And partly through a well funded and well-equipped army. The South Korean military patrols the Worlds most dangerous border, between North Korea and South Korea. It is also the World's most heavily guarded borders militarily.

Six - France

France is one of Europes leading military powers, and one of the Worlds. France has the second largest army in the EU. When the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU, France will be the EU's largest military powers. France has an impressive army, which is very resourceful. It has been an active participate in some of the conflicts across the world in recent years. And has still managed to be resourceful and strong.

Five - The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom may have come a long day from its heydey with the British Empire, but, it still is very powerful and influential when it comes to military might and strength. The UK has other powerful allies, such as the United States and Israel. The British Army is not just active and trained on the British Isles, but also as far off as places such as Canada and Nepal. This is helped through the $60 billion a year military spending from the UK government.

Four - India

India might be a surprising country listed on this list, but when the country is analysed, it's not difficult to see why India is on the list. India is the second largest country, by population, in the World. It is also a nuclear-armed country. Part of India's military strength comes from its days being part of the British Empire. And part of its strength comes from its well-funded military. The Indian military has an annual budget of $58 billion a year.

Three - China

India is the World's second largest populated country, China is the first. Being the World's most populated country has helped China to become one of the World's most powerful nations. Not just militarily, but it every way. China has a very impressive army - it has 2.5 million active military personnel. It is also very well equipped when it comes to the equipment that it has. It is better equipped than most countries in the world. China actively has 3,000 military aircraft and 700 military ships.

Two - Russia

The second largest and most powerful military country on our list is Russia. Russia has a very strong, well funded and well-functioning military. It currently has 2 million serving military personnel. And 350 warships and 10 times as many aircraft. It's no surprise that Russia comes in at number two on our list. It has been a dominant military power for decades now. Right through the Cold War to the present day. For this reason, Russia has been a concern for other Western countries. Not just because of its powerful military troops and equipment, but for other reasons. Russia is also a heavily armed nuclear country, alongside being technologically savvy.

One - The United States of America

At number one is the United States of America. The US has the World's most powerful army. It has 2.5 million active soldiers. And is very well equipped. The US has a very impressive 14,000 military aircraft, which far exceeds any other country in the World. It also has 415 active naval vessels. The United States military strength is largely down to it being very well funded. Annually, the US spends $581 billion on its military, which again exceeds any other country in the World. The US doesn't look as if it will be over taken anytime soon.

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