Why You Should Always Carry a Pocket Knife

Do you know that knife if amongst some of the oldest handmade stone utensils ever uncovered?

Over the centuries of evolution of mankind, the knife also had it own evolution. Today there is a knife for every purpose. But nothing beats the pocket knife it terms of utility and personality. If you have been using a pocket knife you totally understand that it has become part of you, and it is pretty natural for you to keep it handy in your pocket or pouch at all times. And if you are not one of those people then read on...

You should have a pocket knife with you all the time- well you would ask me why?
Knives are not solely weapons. They are multifaceted tools which, when used in proper fashion, can make our lives significantly easier, safer, and better. Allow me to elaborate.

1. UTILITY: The most obvious purpose of any blade - folding or otherwise - is its ability to cut.Which makes sense, as that is for what they were initially invented. And to this day, there are still dozens of routine applications therein. 

2. CONVENIENCE: Sure, a pair of scissors are perfect to cut tags or clip unwanted hairs. Your favorite kitchen knives or box cutters would be used for various specialized tasks. But then you’d find yourself bogged down with a bunch of extraneous stuff that can really only complete a select group of tasks. With a simple pocket knife, you could handle them all - and more - easily, in a timely fashion, and without redundancy.

3. EMERGENCY: And although we don't want to be in this situation but if you ever find yourself or others in any kind of dire crisis, but life is unpredictable. Sometimes roads are slick, embankments are steep, conditions are unfavorable, and catastrophe lurks. In the any such adversity you, a pocket knife can serve as a survival tool. You can slice through a seatbelt to pull someone from wreckage or cut through fabric to dress a wound. Some everyday carry pocket knives even come equipped with a glass breaker, should you need to smash a window for a daring escape.

4. SELF DEFENSE: The level of danger is only increasing in this day and age, you have all kind of crazy people trying to cause harm to others. Having a simple tool such as a pocket knife can be a life saver. Although this is the last place you would want to find yourself in, but times are getting worse and it is better to be prepared than sorry.

5. DISPLAY YOUR PASSION: There is no better way to display your passion than to have a knife which showcases your passion, whether it is a knife with the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or First Responder emblems or any other theme that you are passionate about embossed on the handles and/or blade.

If you have been in the military, knives with your branch emblem will remind you of those wonderful days, and also deepen your passion for your branch. The more you keep it with you and use it, the more it will become part of you.

Now that I have convinced you that you need to own a pocket knife you need to get one that specifically relates to what you are passionate about, here are things to consider when buying a knife.

THE BLADE: You should decide the shape and edge style of the knife you would like to buy. Knives blades could be straight, curved or hooked.

THE EDGE: The edge could be plain, serrated or combo which has both - half plain and half serrated. And the material of the blade will determine its durability and lifespan. Some blades make have design etched onto it.

THE HANDLE: The handle defines the character of the pocket knife and it could be made from metals, carbon, fiberglass, wood, bone, or stones. The handle defines the character of the pocket knife and may have designs or emblems to show case a theme. Knives could have the Army, Navy and other military emblems embossed on them.

DEPLOYMENT METHOD: Knife could be spring assisted or folding knife. The spring loaded versions flip open upon press of the button and you should be very careful opening it,

Hope these article enlightened you and you probably want to shop for knives. Here is a link to shop for pocket knives: KNIVES AT MILITARYREPUBLIC


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