Wounded Warriors Family Support

We proudly support the Wounded Warriors Family Support(WWFS) charity, and we  encourage spreading the word by sharing this link with your friends.

Wounded Warriors Family Support is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. Rated a four-star nonprofit by Charity Navigator, Wounded Warriors Family Support aids veterans and their families in healing the wounds that medicine cannot.

The families of our casualties suffer in many ways — emotionally, psychologically and financially. WWFS supports wounded veterans and their families, even after physical needs are met, to help them heal, recover and reconnect. They work to provide services and resources to combat-wounded veterans and their families that supplement those provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies. They also work with military and nonprofit partners to identify and fill gaps in services for wounded veterans and their families.

WWFS has many programs here are two of them:

1. Veterans Welding Training Program

United Automobile Workers – Ford (UAW-Ford) and Wounded Warriors Family Support have partnered to provide a training program in welding for U.S. military veterans. UAW-Ford is offering a six-week Welding Training Program, where selected veterans will train and test for 1G through 4G welding certification. The program will prepare participants to pursue apprenticeships and entry-level positions in welding throughout our nation in industries such as automotive, ship building, construction and many others. The program will take place at UAW-Ford’s Technical Training Center in Lincoln Park, Mich., near Detroit. Please contact the us for additional information on the class schedule. 

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2. Combat Parking 

There are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life. They have made great sacrifices to ensure our freedoms but often go unrecognized.

Wounded Warriors Family Support’s  founder, Colonel John Folsom, decided to change that. Wounded Warriors Family Support offers Combat Wounded Parking Signs, free of charge, to establishments as a way of honoring and recognizing these veterans.

The response has been tremendous, stretching from coast to coast. The signs have been placed in the parking lots of businesses, churches, schools and colleges, government, and medical facilities.

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